Free 3D Models, CAD Software, 3D Printing Software.

A few free files of  simple, useful, interesting stuff to 3d print. The list will grow every month so stay tuned!

The Raptor Hand by e-NAble
Want to print something interesting and useful?
Have a blast printing one of this awesome hands and change someone's life.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 18.4 MB

Key Chain and phone stand in one small item
stand key chain
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CAD software links used by artists, hobbyists, engineers and educators.

These tools enable you to create a 3D representation of an idea(product, art, tools and many more).



-Training is required


CAD Software for engineering modeling, motion simulation, stress analysis and much more.

Helpful when designing parts or assemblies where dimensions, clearances are crucial. Automobile, aerospace are two explicit example of where this powerful software is used.


3D Printing software is the tool you need to convert a digital 3D model into printing instructions for your 3D printer.


-Free modeling software

-Descent rendering

-Allows for free form 3D design.

Open source 3D graphics and animation software built by volunteers around the world.