Original Notions

-Bring customers' original ideas to reality. We are open to most fascinating fields such as fashion, automotive and other consumer good markets.
-Speed up the process of product evaluation (fit, form and function) to rapidly bring a competitive product to the market.
-Support  product development of personalized or customized end-user objects.

Team and Resources:
Count with a unified design team with different backgrounds, both technical and artistic.
Excellent tools, valuable resources, consistent equipment, advanced software, and most importantly the experience to select the most convenient manufacturing options for your specific needs.


Original Notions' Founders come from an automotive engineering background(Motorsports). Highly modified cars are built mostly with one of a kind parts. Their experience involves design, manufacturing and testing of their own parts and assemblies.

Everything started in Winnetka, California.
While in college, two brothers started a custom fabrication business where they modified cars for competition purposes.
A combination of hands on experience as well the fundamentals learned at school, helped them develop  creativity, engineering skills, team work and collaboration. "Collaboration with the customer has always been a part of our workflow since each car was built and assembled based on customer requirements and specifications ."
In 2011, The "Original" brothers took their project cars to a Motorsports competition. One of them was previously used to commute during their high school days.  By the end of the event, both competitors had won first place in two different categories.

A couple of months later, they were introduced to 3D Printing, in one of their engineering Lab classes. The oldest brother was fascinated by this technology. "Additive manufacturing has now been democratized (open to the general public), this is the main reason why I decided to dedicate all of my time and effort to 3D Printing."